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Kingdom Kinetics came to be as a convergence of experience and theory.  The experience was a mission trip over 10 years ago to Africa with no previous ministry plan. On this trip, I simply recorded observations from events throughout each day. I then discussed my impressions with indigenous leaders who spoke into the reality of those situations. I realized that my primary goal was to help the church and leaders in the achievement of their goals. This became a key strategy as God opened the door for continued involvement throughout the world. We would visit with existing church leaders, listen, watch, and learn, and then see how we could help them in strategic ways to fulfill the work God was doing through them, and reciprocally, through us.

Then one day, back in the United States, while perusing an article on Sir Isaac Newton, I wrote some key ideas related to kinetics in a notebook, and then I began to relate those ideas to our experiences in the world, which resonated with the Book of Acts and the ministry of Christ. In this way, through the convergence of scientific reality and kingdom movement, Kingdom Kinetics was born. We are not a centralized movement, although we have administrative offices in Texas. Kingdom Kinetics is a global movement that catalyses kingdom growth, movement, and energy through the existing global church, among the difficult places in the world. Currently, this movement engages believers and leaders in Mexico, the United States, Macedonia, Nigeria, Nepal, the Philippines, and Zimbabwe. There is no hierarchy among these nations, only a global learning environment of reciprocity and honor and equality and dignity. Those relational realities form our core values. 

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Kingdom Kinetics continues to grow and adapt as an organization based on the realities of what we see in the mission fields of the world. This is completely normative for us as we read the New Testament documents, and especially so in the book of Acts, where we see that the expansion of the Kingdom of God could not be controlled or contained in rigid or inflexible structures. In the same way, we want Kingdom Kinetics to be a true learning organization, which is teachable and malleable in the hands of the needs of the world.

It is clear to me, increasingly as time goes by, that Kingdom Kinetics is a catalytic organization. What we have seen, repeatedly, is that God is using Kingdom Kinetics people to encourage believers in the world who are in difficult contexts. We are not the power, of course, God is, but to the degree that Kingdom Kinetics is available to be with the people of God in the world in the hardest of contexts, then we are to be used as a catalyst by God for Kingdom reaction and response.

In this newsletter, we want to report to our readers the ways in which we see the Kingdom of God moving in the world and the catalytic reactions between God’s people as we come together in relational community. 

Thank you for your prayers and financial support. Thank you for caring about this work, which is a true global undertaking. I am so glad to be part of this organization. 

-- Don Fawcett, Executive Director

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pioneering kingdom movement across existing barriers: geographic, ethnic, and linguistic


Within these four domains Kingdom Kinetics

builds connections on four key values:


nurturing environment where each person is valued


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