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Gear : Zimbabwe | Who We Are

We are a small group that began as a grassroots effort to assist the people of Zimbabwe with critical life sustaining needs caused by the Covid-19 pandemic crisis as Kingdom Kinetics was not yet fully operational in Zimbabwe at that time. Through this experience we saw how each gift given in the Spirit of Christ was multiplied as we watched Johnstone purchase and distribute basic food needs to 80+ families, children's winter coats, and bags of seeds for sustainable farming. We saw an orphanage experience the joy of celebrating Christmas with three full meals, individual gifts, dancing, and cake. We continue to experience relational connections through our small group as we pray and encourage one another and for the people of Zimbabwe. 

Now we are coming together under the umbrella of Kingdom Kinetics but remaining in our organically grown small group. Kingdom Kinetics is about connecting with believers throughout the world and investing in one another relationally, spiritually, and physically. As a non-profit organization, we are endeavoring to create small groups such as this one, for other countries around the world. 

We thank each of you for answering Katrina's invitation at the beginning of the pandemic to help feed the rural communities in Zimbabwe during their lockdown and for your faithful continuity of sharing, giving, and praying. 

project pandemic 2020 food crisis relief


PROJECT PANDEMIC 2020: basic food crisis

Food was purchased and distributed by Johnstone to rural people in need of food assistance during the lockdown as all markets remained closed.


PROJECT PANDEMIC 2020 : coats for kids

As winter settled in we were able to raise funds to purchase children's coats in bulk. Johnstone and Irene continue to see the need and graciously travel long distances to get these in the hands of the people. 

coats for kids_pandemic_2020.jpg


PROJECT PANDEMIC 2020: seeds for sustainable food 

As the growing season approached Johnstone had us shift the focus to the purchasing of bags of seed. Families were able to plant and grow their own food and share seeds with other families.



PROJECT PANDEMIC 2020: christmas for orphans

The end of 2020 finally arrived. We hoped that it would also be the end of the pandemic. Johnstone and Irene came up with a fantastic plan to provide a full Christmas party for an orphanage. Children in orphanages in Zimbabwe rarely get animal protein in their daily meals. We were able to provide three full meals that each included protein, gifts for each child, and a party with cake!



PROJECT PANDEMIC 2021: community well 

Launching our current Zimbabwe community focus is for a Community Well for an area of rural Zimbabwe. The exact well location will be determined by the surveyor but will be in the area of the new church that Kingdom Kinetics had the honor of joining in the building pictured here (it is now completed). 


For being such a big part of what makes our small group so incredibly special and for your commitment to our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe.

Please use this dedicated donation button to ensure your funds will be used for the Community Well Project. 

stones gathered by 72 yo pastor and christians for church building.jpg

Community Well Area: 72-year-old pastor serves this area. Pictured here next to the stones he personally gathered to build a community gathering place to meet, teach, and worship. 

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